Foldaway Jigsaw Puzzle Table Review

Foldaway jigsaw puzzle table



Product: Bits and Pieces – Foldaway Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Price: $149.99

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Measurements: 28″ tall and table top measures 26″ x 34″

If you are anything like me, you will often have a jigsaw puzzle on the go somewhere in the house. Jigsaw puzzle fun can happen anywhere though – at the cottage is ideal for rainy day weather. Or if you like winter vacations, jigsaw puzzles for children can be easy to set up if you have a jigsaw organizer board.

I like to time my creations ahead of time. I have quite a few puzzles waiting in the wings to be perused, chosen, opened and started. It is said that jigsaw puzzles are good for you. They help to refine the ability to focus attention, if not improve, then certainly maintain one’s cognitive abilities as well as improve fine motor skills in children.

Jigsaw Puzzle Tray

This foldaway jigsaw puzzle table has a felt top that acts as a puzzle tray. It can fit puzzles up to 1500 pieces so plenty of room for the average puzzle-maker. I usually make 1000 piece puzzles and occasionally will drop down to 750 or 500 if I like the image.

Since the table top sports a felt finish, it holds onto the pieces really well reducing the slide factor. It’s awesome when a pieces snicks into place and doesn’t move around on you as it does on regular surfaces.

You also won’t have to worry about small puzzle bits sliding off the edges since this table has a raised edge so that it contains your puzzle pieces within. No need to worry about lost puzzle pieces anymore!


puzzle table with hand holding a puzzle piece

Removable Table Top

The thing I especially like about this jigsaw puzzle table is its portability. You can just fold up the legs when your puzzle is done and store it away for the next puzzle project. Or, you can fold it up and stash in the car or van or your RV to take away with you on vacation. It can double as a wickedly awesome card or game table too so there is that bit of convenience to consider.

Also, and this is especially handy, you can remove the top and set it down onto another table. Why would anyone want to do that you ask? Well, first of all, if you have a small house or apartment, it would save a lot of space. Secondly, if you are a small person or already have a table that you would normally do puzzles on, you can pop this puzzle table on top of that one and puzzle away. Your puzzle would just be slightly higher than usual, but you’d have an awesome puzzle tray to use with the felt cover that keeps stray pieces in line.


puzzle table with top being removed

Convenience is Key

Easy storage, portability and usefulness makes this puzzle table a good bet for family games night or cottage vacations. It can be set up in a corner, get the puzzle going and when a rainy, cold day hits, put the hot chocolate on and family can all gather round this table for some puzzle fun. It’s available at

Pros and Cons

The pros have already been mentioned above, i.e., easy to port on vacation, or around the house. It’s good for use as a card table, as well as a jigsaw puzzle table and tray. But what are the cons? Well, I’d say that it is probably not meant for small kids. At 28″ tall, it’s a bit out of their range. If you want to use it for a little one you may have to put a booster seat on a chair and then you wouldn’t want to leave the child unattended. Also, though there is are of course, four sides to the table, two of the sides have legs. So a chair can fit on all four sides, but probably it would be a bit awkward because you couldn’t fit your legs under there is very well.

If there is is someone in your family who uses a wheelchair, they could easily be up against the table on either of the side with no legs.

Bits and pieces foldaway jigsaw puzzle table

4 Comments on “Foldaway Jigsaw Puzzle Table Review

  1. This table seems so versatile! I can think if many reasons and needs for this great table! From the sides that won’t let pieces fall off to the nice felt covering, this looks to be well worth the money!

  2. Nicely done (in-depth post) on the foldaway jigsaw puzzle table. I like the fact you did not hold back on the Pros & Cons. One of the Pros you mentioned it’s definitely portable to pack up and take on a trip. The cons being it’s not suitable for small children or uncomfortable for someone that might be wheelchair accessible. Your audience can rest assured once they read your post about the product their next move is making that final decision in a purchase.

    All the best to you.

    • Hi Teasha,

      Yes, that’s why I really like this table. It’s versatile and portable which makes it easy to take on vacation. Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

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