The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Card Game

Binding of Isaac Four Souls game


Every once in a while I scout around online looking for new and unusual games to blog about. On a recent quest I logged onto Kickstarter and the very first thing that popped up in my feed was The Binding of Issac: Four Souls. Kickstarter knows me! (But that’s a blog post for another day).


Text that says 100% funded in 1.5 hoursThe Binding of Issac: Four Souls card game is based on the 2011 video game of the same (base) name which was created and designed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. The video game was inspired by McMillen’s vision of conflicting ideologies brought about by his family’s religious beliefs. The game was a huge success, with downloads via Steam in the millions.

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Kickstarter Campaign

Text that says Base GameMcMillen’s card game, which is planned for release in November 2018, is being funded on Kickstarter. You will have until July 27 to back the project and pick up some swag in return. As of now, the game has met the Kickstarter criteria to be wholly funded by the campaign’s end so it will be a go for sure. As a matter of fact, as stated on its Kickstarter page, The Binding of Issac: Four Souls was 100% funded with its first hour and a half on the Kickstarter platform. Obviously there is a huge amount of excitement surrounding the publication of this game. Every time I refresh the page, more backers appear and as of this writing, there are currently well over 18,000 supporters from all over the world.

The Game

The Four Souls game is multi-player and is about ‘sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding’. Watch the video showing Mr. McMillen describing the game and to see the beta testers playing. They appear to be having a great time and it does make one want to jump on the Kickstarter bandwagon and back the game. The idea behind the game is explained in depth on the campaign page and there is another video explaining game play. It doesn’t appear that this game is for kids, though young adults and older would likely be attracted to its energy and intrigue. Of course anyone who knows and has played the original video game is probably already a backer.

One of the videos on Kickstarter describes the game as ‘one of the most disturbingly cute balls of social chaos you’ve experienced in ages’. How can you not want to know what that is like!?

How to Acquire the Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls Card Game

Shipping informationAs mentioned, backers will be able to get some swag. How much swag is dependent on how much one is willing to contribute to the campaign. Several levels have already been closed to contribution so don’t wait too long if you do plan to back this project. The closer it comes to the campaign deadline, the more likely more levels of contribution will be closed off, so get your game contribution in while you can. Even the smallest contribution of $5 will get you a digital download. What that download consists of has not been revealed. Perhaps it’s an image of one of the characters, or a game card image.

If you are not quite ready to back the game you can click a small heart icon, enter your email address and get a reminder about backing the game before the campaign ends. After that your opportunity to be one of the first 18,000+ to acquire the game is over.

General Game Play

The Cathedral There is strategy involved in this game, consisting of alliances and betrayal and beating bosses. Listening to the video will tell you that the betrayal comes in after alliances have been formed and the betrayal is more likely to happen the closer a player comes to winning the game. Winning happens when 4 souls have been collected, so the closer a player comes to winning all 4 souls, the more likely it is that your alliances will be trying to take you down. There are also boss fights, power ups, and much, much more. From the looks of the description and videos the game play is actually quite involved.

Winning the Game

Having not had the opportunity to play the game myself (but wouldn’t it have been awesome to be a beta tester for this one!) I can only report that the winner is the player who manages to acquire 4 souls from bosses. According to the video however, there is more to game play than just defeating bosses. You will have to strategize along the way to beat the other players at their own strategies and watch out sneaky betrayals – those you thought were allied with you can suddenly turn out to be your worst enemy.

Can’t wait!

I am signing up to be a backer and I can’t wait for its release in November. The only thing that can (famous last words anyone?) go wrong with backing is that sometimes creatives and inventors on Kickstarter can delay their project’s release beyond the original promised release date. So far that doesn’t look like it will be the case here and honestly, it’s not something I personally worry about when I back a Kickstarter project. I would rather be patient and wait it out than have a less than perfect project.




12 Comments on “The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Card Game

  1. I am passing this information along to my son as he loves games like this! I know he will want it. Matter of fact, I might just go in as a backer and get the game for him. Do you know how far out it is for actually getting the game? Or does that depend on backers?

    • The game creator states on Kickstarter that the estimated ‘delivery’ date will be November 2018. However I know some projects at this stage have been delayed in being released due to production problems that crop up. Not to say that will happen in this case, but just to say that anything is possible. I’m hoping that I will receive in time for the holidays. It’s going to make a great gift.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Wow. Really interesting article. I’ve never heard of this before. Might have to check it out and back it! Thanks for the info and have a great day!

  3. All of this is new to me as I never knew about backers, what a smart way to have advertisement money. I was wondering how long do these games last when playing? A few hours? Thank you!

    • Hi Colleen,

      Yes, they would last a couple of hours, depending on the number of players. But the time usually flies by when I play a game like this one! You are right, this is a great way to raise project funds. This game designer now has over $2,000,000 from backers and he still has several days left to go before backing ends. He has no worries now about bringing his project to fruition. Thanks for your comment!

  4. A very interesting and intriguing read, think I will delve deeper in to this!


  5. Wow this was super interesting and a whole new world to me! I’ll have to pass this information to my brother as he’s interested in these kind of games that seem way too complicated for me 😀

    • Hi Lotta,

      Thanks very much. Please let me know what your brother thinks of the game. 🙂

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